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Embark on a climbing adventure like no other. Our unique climbing wall swaps traditional rocks for intriguing shapes and features, offering a creative and challenging experience. With a variety of grips and holds, it's a playground for aspiring climbers, regardless of their skill level.



Duck, dive, and dodge in our zero-gravity dodge ball arena. This isn't your schoolyard game - with an added element of bouncing, you'll find new challenges and more fun. The interstellar court will transport you to another galaxy where the ultimate goal is to dodge incoming asteroids (balls) while strategizing your winning move.


Stunt Fall

Make a leap of faith and soar high in our Jump Pit. Feel a surge of adrenaline as you jump skyward, then experience the exhilarating sensation of floating before you descend onto a soft, secure airbag. Safe and thrilling, the Jump Pit is a hit among adventurers of all ages. It's more than just a jump—it's a flight into fun.


Ninja Course

Challenge yourself on our dynamic Ninja Course. Navigate through a series of obstacles designed to test your agility, strength, and balance. Whether you're an experienced athlete or a fun-seeking novice, our course provides an exciting, physical challenge that gets the adrenaline pumping.



Step into another dimension with Hologate, our multiplayer virtual reality attraction. Don the headset and let the advanced technology whisk you away into a breathtakingly realistic world, crafting experiences you can't find anywhere else. With state-of-the-art technology and high-definition graphics, Hologate offers an immersive adventure that is truly cosmic in scope.


Battle Jousting

Challenge your friends in our exhilarating Battle Jousting experience. Here, the spirit of medieval knights meets modern-day fun in a thrilling fusion of strength, balance, and friendly competition.

Try to be the last one standing, and let the games begin!

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